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      After ten years of playing and writing music, Zoe Wilcox is honored to publish her first solo album.  She hopes her music will inspire others to have courage in their voice and their story.  


      Zoe grew up in Illinois farm country, listening to country am radio while visiting local farms in her father’s vet truck.  Chuck Berry and Joan Baez were the albums of her childhood, shared by her parents.  Dozens of musicians followed to inspire and enchanted but those early influences remained the foundation of her own music.  She began playing banjo as an adult and wrote songs as soon as she could change chords, like they had been waiting at the gate.


      Studious and calculated in her day to day life, music gives Zoe an avenue for full expression, turning tragedy into uncompromising rhythms, and fears into melodious unfoldings.  Anything is possible to say when said in music and Zoe uses this tool to tell the stories of her hopes and hereos, her barriers and her breakthroughs.


      She has made music for years with and beside her talented husband, Bard Edrington.  He inspires her constantly and produced her debut solo album with love and attention. 

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